Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hideaki Wada wins in Yokohama

Last Saturday the club of OSC Yamato was hosting a WASPA tourament in thir premises of Sakura Living in Yokohama city, Japan. The tournament attracted 6 players. Hideaki Wada (OSC Yamato) defeated Suguru Fujino (Sakuragicho TFC) in the final (1-0). Takafumi Tokita and Eiko Yoneda made it to the semi-finals.

Sakura Living is located near the famous sightseeing spots "Minato Mirai" in  Yokohama City. We can see the Landmark Tower from Sakura Living (second picture, left-side highest building).

(Report received from the organizers)

Massimo Conturso wins test-match

There was a WASPA test-match this Sunday in North Bergen, NJ where Andrea Gasparini met Massimo Conturso (Connecticut). Score were 3-0, 0-3 and 0-2 so Massimo won (1-2). Andrea also won a friendly game with old rules (1-0). Because of his job, Andrea will soon move back to Italy but will be back in the US from times to times. "So more than a goodbye, yesterday was an Arrivederci", said Massimo.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Sébastien Scheen wins in Liège

Christophe Dheur et Sébastien Scheen 

Bruno Timpano et Michaël Ponthieux
The very fist tournament otrganized by the club of Seraing was held in Liège on Sunday as poart of the "Expo Foot" exhibition. Seven players were taking part and Sébastien Scheen defeated organisait David Fraikin in the final (2-1). Christophe Dheur won the game for the third place against Christopher Sabetta. Thanks to Richard Boulanger and his clubmates for making it happen!.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Daniel Cranston wins the inaugural JuneFlicks tournament

The group picture
Bryan and Daniel Cranston
Bryan and Matt Steinmuller
This Saturday a tournament was held in Alexandria, VA (USA). The tournament was organized by NoVA Union Subbbuteo Club. The tournament was successfully held. It was a fun celebration of Subbuteo and player comradery. Daniel Cranston defeated Mathew Steinmuller (4-1) in the final. Andrew Zunino and Gregg Deinhart made it to the semis. Bryan Arnold won the Mary Jane Final against Doshu Tokeshi. Congratulations to all!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Mat Atkin wins in Cheshire

A hugely successful Subaleague International Xmas Cup 2017 with 27 teams entering from 6 countries and age-range from 10-77 was held last week-end in Cheshire, England. 9 groups of 3 with goal handicap for those who don't play regularly. 16 through to the second round then straight knockout from there, again with a handicap system for less experienced players. The tournament was won by Mat Atkin, who last won it in 1993.

He won the final 4-2 against Angus Young, who had previously never made it past the first round. Peter Vahle and Andrew Garbutt were the losing semi-finalists.
The plate competition was won by Richard Meddings, who beat Gerry Sweeney in the final play off.
Groups were decided using the unique Hale's Board, involving trick shots such as 'Round-the-Tree' and 'The Ramp'. A fantastic event at a fantastic venue, sponsored by Bar 7 in Prague.

(Report by David Young)

Brian Daley wins again in Wales

The latest London Road tournament took place on June 11 with 6 players taking part. Brian Daley finished on top of the league with 15 points. Yani Kelly was runner-up, Dave Kelly took the third place. Cayne Matthews, MarkHopwood and Ruby Matthews were also taking part. Congratulations to the players for a good day of Subbuteo.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Martinog Bradley king of old rules

Martinog received his trophy from Gerard Doherty

Mark Mc Crossan and Martin Bradley
The Ryan Mc Bride Memorial cup took place on Monday night in Derry, Northern Ireland. it was the first WASPA tournament with old Subbuteo rules played in the country under WASPA banner. Local organizer Martinog Bradley won the tournament and Derry City FC Captain Gerard Doherty presented the trophy. Mark Mc Crossan was runner-up. Congratulations for a good night of Subbuteo.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

TFAS National Championship 2017 Plates Event

13 players who were knocked out of the competition still had the chance to redeem a consolation prize in the plates event. A barrage round was carried out, followed by quarterfinal, semi-final, and of course, the final.

Returning veteran player, Ashley Tan, and TFAS President, Tan Kok Wee, managed to defeat their opponents to reach the Plates Final.
It was a tense match between these two experienced players. With the score at 2-2 in the dying minutes of the match, Kok Wee scored the winning goal to make it 3-2, and hence winning the Plates! Nic Tan and Vikas reached the semis.

(Report by Anas bin Rahamat)

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Suguru Fujino wins in Yokohama

On June 3 the club of Sakuragicho TFC was hosting a WASPA tournament in the premises of Sakura Living in Yokohama city, Japan. Six players were taking part and Suguru Fujino (Sakuragicho TFC) defeated Hideaki Wada (OSC Yamato) in the final. Osamu Ishihara won the final for the third place against Satoshi Kawasaki.
Well done to Sakuragicho TFC for their efforts!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Excellent turnout for the AGFA Cup

The AGFA Cup holds a special place in the hearts of many Sydney Subbuteo players, as it was the first inter-club tournament played in Australia, way back in 1977. Members of the North Shore Association and the Northern Falcons came together in a one night tournament, with modified rules, to challenge for a now-famous piece of silverware.

Forty years later, two of the original protagonists joined 21 others for the latest edition of the Cup, with the first Junior AGFA as well.

There were 16 players in the Open category, and 7 in the Junior, including an impressive 4 female players.

Eliot Kennedy (Falcons) claimed his 3rd AGFA (previous were April 1986 and April 1999), beating an impressive Richard Wilson (Parramatta) 1-0 in the final.

The three former Cherrybrook Bulldogs players – Wilson, Nick Brill and Adrian Grunbach — all made the quarter finals, showing an impressive continuation of their form since returning from the Subbuteo wilderness after 20 years.

Meanwhile, young Oliver Ollnow finally claimed a final, beating Imojjen ELmer 1-0, after being pipped in the last three finals in which he appeared – including the Junior Parramatta event, Sydney WASPA and the Melbourne Satellite — ironically becoming the first German to win the AGFA (Anglo German Football Association) Cup!

In the first phase of the Open, Hermann Kruse pipped Falcons returnee Dominic Grenot 2-1, while Dave Sultana (Parramatta) beat out Kevin Grant (Western Flickers) 1-0, who made the Herculean trip from Melbourne — by road! Kevin also delivered a swag of his custom tables and boards along the way!! Eliot Kennedy stamped his authority on group 1 with a 3-1 win against John Palamara (Hipfingerz), while Richard Wilson looked set to qualify after a 2-0 win against Louis Dettre, also making his long awaited return to the board. Adrian Elmer (Parramatta) beat Neil Brener (Falcons) 2-0, and Nick Brill and Dom Grenot shared the points in a 2-2 result.

In the Juniors, Imojjen caused the upset of the whole day when she beat 2016 GP winner Jonty Brener 1-0, who then also qualified after he beat novice Angela Wooden 4-0. Chris Soldatos (Sydney TFC) squeezed into the semis with a better goal difference in his group, joining Oliver.

In the quarterfinals, Eliot dominated Dominic 3-0, while Nick overcame former clubmate Adrian Grunbach 2-0, and Adrian Elmer beat Steve Dettre 1-0. Richard Wilson had to rely on shots to overcome Dave Sultana (2-0) after a scoreless match.

In the semis, Eliot did enough to beat Adrian 1-0, while Richard continued his surge, beating Nick 2-0.
In the Juniors, Imojjen relied on shots to beat Chris 2-1, while Oliver beat his great rival Jonty 2-0.

A great day, and many thanks to the Good Games guys, especially Manager Sonny Keen Chong Lei, for providing us with the space and prizes.
We also raised more funds towards Harley Ullrich’s medical expenses, also in part thanks to Sonny allowing all the entry fee to go towards Harley’s fund.

(Report by Steve Dettre)