Friday, 28 April 2017

Rémy Huynh wins in Bande

It was a great night of table football on Thursday in Bande, in the South of Belgium. 13 players met for the second tournament of the Wamme Subbuteo Club. Jean Grosdent deicded to concentrate on organizing things so that 12 players competed in Swiss system. Rémy Huynh won the evening with 12 points while Michaël Hallin was runner-up with 10 points. Benjamin Flamme was a surpring third in the final table.
M. Hallin - R. Huynh - B. Flamme - J. Grosdent

The final standings were as follows:
1. Rémy Huynh (Rochefort TS)
2. Michael Hallin (Temploux)
3. Benjamin Flamme (Rochefort TS)
4. Corentin Wauthy (Rochefort TS)
5. Pascal Droeven (Semois SC)
6. Luc Grosdent (SC Wamme)
7. Rémy Honet (JSC Rochefort)
8. Henri Grosdent (SC Wamme)
9. Kévin Depouhon (SC Wamme)
10. Aurore Grosdent (SC Wamme)
11. Taylor Rockens (SC Wamme)
12. Jarod Rockens (SC Wamme)

Subbuteo Parramatta Junior WASPA Tournament – Autumn 2017

School holidays can only mean one thing, the return of Subbuteo Parramatta’s Junior Subbuteo Tournament. This autumn, the club took the opportunity to try out a new venue – the newly opened Good Games store in Bella Vista. Suffice to say all who attended were impressed by the space, the lighting and the hospitality provided, so much so that the club has now decided to use the shop as their new permanent clubhouse.

Seven players lined up for the tournament and, for the first time in Australian history (maybe even the world, anyone got access to all the records?!), the females outnumbered the males in an open tournament. With a couple of those involved in their first ever junior tournament, the future looks bright.

Players were divided into two groups. WASPA rankings were used to seed two players into each group, the others placed randomly to fill them up. Oliver was the dark horse – not having played as many tournaments as others, his ranking didn’t place him as a seeded player, but his intense practise over the last 6 months meant that he was poised to give the seeded players a shake. The group games were all very even, with 2 goals being the greatest margin in any fixture. At the conclusion of the group matches, the places all went according to seeds, except for Group Two, which turned out to be something of a group of death. Oliver made good on his dark horse status, taking his place at the expense of Imojjen, who lost both her fixtures in incredibly close 1-0 results to Oliver and Jonty. Meanwhile, Jonty and Oliver, with identical results and a head-to-head draw, had to go to a shootout to decide first and second place in the group. Oliver came out on top in a tight tussle.

In the repechage, Imojjen beat the day’s youngest competitor, Catherine, by a single goal to set up a final game against her good friend, Maddy. The two then played out a scoreless draw, the fatigue of a few hours’ straight Subbuteo play taking its toll.

The semi-finals saw Daniel line up against Jonty and Oliver faced Æowyn. None of the players could be separated. Oliver and Æowyn both put the ball in the back of the net during their game – Oliver while the referee had stopped play and Æowyn 5 seconds after the half-time whistle – but couldn’t break the deadlock during normal play. Likewise, Daniel and Jonty played out a scoreless draw and so both semis went to shots. Oliver took a straightforward 2-0 shots victory over Æowyn, but Jonty and Daniel needed 10 shots each before they could be separated!

Oliver vs Jonty in the big final
Fatigue definitely set in for Æowyn in the 3rd/4th play-off, with Daniel running away with a 3-0 victory. Meanwhile, Jonty and Oliver renewed their group game rivalry and, again, couldn’t be separated. A goal to each left them with their second shootout of the day. This time, however, Jonty turned the tables, taking the match, and the title, with a shot to spare.

An excellent afternoon of Subbuteo with fairplay and friendliness a feature throughout. A big thanks to the parents who brought their children along and hung around to referee and give coaching tips. A big thanks to the Palamaras and the Sirmais who trekked from the opposite side of the city and many many thanks to our wonderful host venue, Bella Vista Good Games. The juniors will be back next holidays!

(Report by Adrian Elmer)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

First test match in Thailand

Today was another historic day for WASPA. The first ever WASPA test match in Thailand took place in Koh Samui where David Ruelle, former FISTF European champion from Belgium, was happy to meet Australia's Hugh best for some games.

David (who now lives in Thailand) won the test match but more importantly both players had a great time, flicked some plastic and had a few drinks. Well done!

Some news from England and Finland

Great fun in Wolverhampton
On April 16 Wolverhampton Subbuteo Football Club was holding a tournament with the advanced rules. Congratulations to Mick Hammonds on winning the Easter Cup event! It came right down to the last game, with Mark Broadhurst coming second in his first tournament. Justin Scott was 3rd and Ian Keay took the 4th place. A top evening entertainment.

Joseph Kinrade
A bit earlier, on March 18, the Rio Fletcher Trophy took place in Nottingham. Joseph Kinrade took the honors after finishing on top of the table with 7 points. Colin Fletcher was runner-up, Brian Kinrade was 3rd, Ewan Kinrade 4th.

George Papadopoulos wins in Helsinki

We also got some late results from Finland. Five players met in Helsinki on January 14. George Papadopoulos defeated Robert Green in the final. it was a very international event with Kari Hakkarainen defeating Australia's Eliot Kennedy in the game for the third place.

Emmanuel Gorgette
During the recent Grand Prix of England in Harrow, two Plate events were organized under WASPA banner. The Open Plate had a small turnout of 4 but it was nice to see Emmanuel Gorgette from France defeated Belgium's Steffen Despretz to claim his first WASPA trophy.

Bob Green and Martin Blanchard
The Veterans Plate event was very international with 8 players from Belgium, England, the Isle of Man and Australia taking part. Australia's Bob Green defeated England's Martin Blanchard in the final to claim the tile.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Rik Bland still on top in Brisbane

Sunday April 23rd - Flick Off 9am.
Venue: Woody Point (Redcliffe) Club house

Six Brisbane flickers turned up on a rather more pleasant morning to last month’s scorcher. Derek and Shane returned after a long absence Derek with a beaming smile after seeing his beloved Brighton secure promotion into the Premier League for the first time.
In the first round Wil fought back after slipping 2 nil behind in the first half to 2-1 against his Dad. Gus became worried but hung in and eventually scored late on to secure a win, the best goal though was scored by the younger Gillespie. Rik welcomed back Derek with a same score line, 3-1.
Round 2 had last months finalists Rik and Gus go toe to toe. Rik got off to a good start and enjoyed the better of the first half and was approaching the half time whistle 2 up, but Gus broke through and got one back just before the 15 minutes were up. Encouraged Gus came out determined in the second half but as much as he tried Rik’s solid defence denied a comeback, the game finishing 2-1 to Rik. In the other game, Wil fought well but came off second best to Giuseppe losing a credible 3-0.
Round 3 witnessed Wil & Derek get their first point of the day, drawing 1-1. In the other game, Giuseppe won a hard fought game 3-1 with Gus, Giuseppe getting back to top form.
Round 4 finished with the big guns winning, Giuseppe beating Derek 3-0 and Rik beating Wil 3-1.
Round 5 enabled the Newcastle v Brighton match up, with Gus’s Newcastle coming out on top 4-0. The other match-up was a full dress rehearsal of the final, as the top two players faced up. A very tight and thrilling encounter ended 3-3, so giving no clues to who might just win the final.
The Final as expected was extremely tight. Giuseppe really was hitting his straps but Rik’s solid defence kept him out. At the other end it was similar, and it was no surprise when half time came around and the scores were level 0-0. The breakthrough almost came against the run of play, with Giuseppe having the majority of attacks, but Rick tucked the first goal under Giuseppe’s keeper. The lead however was only maintained for about 3 minutes, when Giuseppe on the break scored a cracker in the bottom corner 1-1. Again no surprise when the final whistle went, it was stalemate 1-1, ten minutes of further action was required. Four minutes into extra time Rik again tucked a nice shot under Giuseppe’s keeper. Giuseppe fought back without relent, however it would be Rik who scored the all-important next goal, with just two minutes left. Giuseppe had a mountain to climb being 3-1 down, and that was the way it finished. Another great final between these two, and the speed and skill on show was a pleasure to watch.
So another great day at Woody Point, the home of the Brisbane Subbuteo Club. Good to see Shane, Derek and the cooler weather back. A big thanks to Giuseppe for hosting, and to all the players who contribute to make it such an enjoyable competition.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Giorgos Stylianou on fire in Limassol

The final
On Sunday there was some action again in Cyprus after a hyatus of a couple of weeks. 8 players attended the fourth stage of the national circuit and Giorgos Stylianou defeated Marcos Kalopsidiotis in the final. Giorgos Styliano and Constantinos Paraskevas reached the semi-finals.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Kebun Baru TFC League Cup - Round 6

The Kebun Baru Table Football Club completed round six of its KB League Cup yesterday evening. This is the second last session of its inaugural league. As like previous rounds, it also doubled as an individual WASPA tournament.

Nine flickers took part in the club’s usual four-round Swiss format. In the end, it was Anas who carried on his fine form from his victory in the TFAS League Day 3 on Sunday as he won yesterday as well. He took three wins and a draw including a late 2-1 victory over Ashley in the final round to take the title from him. There were good finishes too for veterans, Ashley and Yew Loy who finished second and third respectively. The final round of the league will take place next month. All are welcome to join in!

(Reported by Nic Tan)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Return of the Mig!

Miguel vs Kye
Kent Invicta hosted an Easter WASPA tournament on Good Friday as some returning players and most of the usual suspects saw 10 players in 2 groups of 5.

The group games provided some entertaining games with the Group A being narrowly topped by Mig with Kye 1 point behind to reach the semi-finals. In Group B, results hinged on the last round as Finn topped the group with Louis in 2nd place on goal difference.

Rob vs Dan
Mig played Louis in the 1st Semi and edged a 1-0 win whilst Kye defeated Finn 3-0 in the 2nd Semi. The final ended up being a really close game as Mig grabbed the victory with a slender 1-0 result over the current Kent League leader Kye.

Another great tournament at Playfootball, especially with the Pizza and drinks throughout the event!

Overall Standings:
1. Miguel Pereira (Open)
2. Kye Arnold (U15)
3. Louis Singh (U19)
4. Finn Taylor (U15)
5. Rob McCormick (Vets)
6. Daniel McCormick (U15)
7. Paul Frank (Vets)
8. Terry Arnold (Vets)
9. Simon Keane (Vets)
10. Josh Foreman (U15)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

TFAS League 2017 Match Day 3

Seven players competed in the third league day of the TFAS League 2017. After 4 rounds of the Swiss Format, Anas comes out top of the table, with 4 wins. Bernard Lim comes in 2nd with a narrow win over Rudy in the final round.

Standings after 4 rounds:
1. Anas
2. Bernard
3. Rudy
4. Vikas
5. Haikal
6. Asyraf
7. Rizal T

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Kye Arnold reigns in Gillingham

Dave and Paul

Paul and Kye
On April 7 Kent Invicta TFC had a small WASPA tournament with 5 players taking part as it was a holiday week in UK but it was still a very competitive evening though! Kye Arnold stayed top of the Kent League table with an unbeaten night of WASPA action at Playfootball Gillingham. With some close games and great goals, Kye pipped Terry & Dave on the night with 10 points and a +6 goal difference from his 4 games.

Terry edged out Dave for 2nd spot by a single point although Dave, like Kye, went the through the evening unbeaten also but couldn’t convert his draws into wins. Paul grabbed a couple of good points whilst Simon is improving all the time after taking the game up in January.

Final standings:
1. Kye Arnold
2. Terry Arnold
3. Dave Collier
4. Paul Frank
5. Simon Keane